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Jan-Feb. Chromatin Evolving . American Scientist (Jan-Feb 2011). “Despite our long familiarity with the chromosome, much about its function and evolution remains a mystery.”

Jan. Dawn of the Deed: The Origin of Sex. Scientific American (Jan 2011). “Fish fossils push back the origin of copulation in backboned animals and suggest that it was a key turning point in our evolution.”

Feb 25. Tracing the Tree of Life. Science 331:1005-1006. “With the help of next-generation sequencing, a team of evolutionary biologists is shining a scientific spotlight on little-studied organisms in order to refine the much-debated animal tree of life.”

Feb 24. An armoured Cambrian lobopodian from China with arthropod-like appendages. Nature 470:526�0.

Feb 17. The evolutionary context of the first hominins. Nature 470:347�2.

Feb 10. Evolution: A can of worms. Nature 470:161-162. “An obscure group of tiny creatures takes centre stage in a battle to work out the tree of life.”

Feb 4. The Golden Age of Human Population Genetics. Science 331:547. “Population genetics allows us to reconstruct human genealogical and mutational history.”

Feb 4. What Defines Us? Science 331:548. “The Human Genome Project undermines cherished ideas about human uniqueness. But it also hints at a new vision of humanity.”

Feb 4. Climate and Human Evolution. Science 331:540-542. “Climate change and its effects on African ecosystems may have played a key role in human evolution.”

Feb 4. Directed Evolution of a Protein Container. Science 331:589-592. “An engineered protein container protects its bacterial host by efficient and selective encapsulation of a toxic protease.”

Jan 28. The Species Problem. Science 331:394. “Our ancestors are now thought to have mated with at least two kinds of archaic humans at two different times and places. Were they engaging in interspecies sex, or does the fact that they were able to produce offspring mean they were all members of the same species?”